July 16, 2020
4 months and 22 days left
until our celebration.
Continuing Our Legacy
Past, Present and Future

Iberostar Punta Cana ALL-INCLUSIVE Resort and Spa
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
July 16-July 19 2020
Happy New Year Family!

It seems that it was just yesterday when we were together 2018 in Mansura Louisiana, celebrating each other at our Family Reunion chaired by Rosa (Batiste) Millang.  It was a most memorable time spent with family and friends, and it was apparent that those precious moments solidified that we should all continue to honor our past, embrace the present and anticipate the future as we carry our family legacy forward. In doing this, it will provide a gateway for those family members who will continue the tradition of hosting the many family reunions to come.

The time has now arrived for us to look towards 2020, and our upcoming journey to the island of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic!  This will be the first time the family has traveled outside the country, and with each journey embarked upon that is outside of one’s comfort zone, a certain element of excitement comes with it!

The Dominican Republic, Punta Cana specifically, proves to be a beautiful tropical oasis that some have penned as being “Paradise”.  I can personally vouch for this, as the Dominican has become my most favored tropical oasis to travel to year after year. The people are amazing, and you are constantly greeted by the Dominicans with a “WELCOME HOME FAMILY!” 

It is clear that they are happy to see us, and are proud to show off their amazing country.  The onsite staff and management of the Iberostar Punta Cana Resort and Spa consistently goes above and beyond to make your stay at their resort and in their country, one that you will talk about time and time again.  The hospitality that is shown by the Dominicans is unsurpassed by any other Caribbean country that I have traveled to. 

White limestone sandy beaches, cobalt blue clear warm waters, island music with a Latin flair and a tropical cocktail will greet you when you step onto the resort.  The staff at the Iberostar Punta Cana All Inclusive Resort and Spa will go out of their way to assure you that your vacation will be like none other than you have taken. 

Your vacation booking will include your family T-Shirt and your beach bag, which will be filled with all of the necessary items to make your trip both enjoyable and worry free!!

Stay tuned to this site, as well as the BLS Family Reunion Facebook group, for regular updates about the reunion. 

Select "Details of Events" on the side menu bar to find out how to get your space reserved today!

In closing, the outside date to book your wonderful vacation is drawing near. March 9, 2020 is just around the corner, and rooms are selling quickly.  REMEMBER, YOU ONLY HAVE TO MAKE A DEPOSIT OF $100 PER PERSON TO RESERVE YOUR SPACE.  PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS FOR THE BALANCE OF YOUR TRIP ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED AND WELCOMED!!   SO DON’T DELAY BOOK TODAY!!!

Victoria Batiste Gibson-Bullard
Chairperson for the 2020 BLS Family Reunion

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