July 16, 2020
7 months and 3 days left
until our celebration.

Bon Jou BLS Family Members!
The 2018 "Genesis: Embracing Our Roots-Building Our Future" BLS Family Reunion under the leadership of our chairperson, 
Rosa Millang, was a tremendous success! Going back to where it all began in the Avoyelles Parish of Mansura, Louisiana was just what we needed to reconnect with our roots.. 

A tour of the Train Depot in Mansura, as well as the Ancient Mounds Trail of the Marksville Mounds, was not only fun and educational, but it also kicked the reunion festivities off giving  us a sense of  nostalgia and appreciation for where we come from. The local residents of Marksville and Mansura were warm and friendly towards our family reunion and definetly left the impression that we are welcome at anytime. Special guests speakers in attendance provided a warm welcome as well as more insight into our French Creole heritage. 

We officially launched the BLS Family Restoration Education and Historical Association nonprofit by formally introducing the officers and witnessing the signing of the paperwork for filing purposes.

If you have not had the chance to participate in any of the past reunions, consider starting up with the 2020 Reunion. It's one you don't want to miss. We are gearing up to travel to the Dominican Republic. Be sure to attend to learn how about our historical link to this beautiful region.

Stay tuned to this site, our family Facebook page, as well as regular communications through the family newsletter for information as it unfolds. 

Wa (twa) pli tar (See You Later)...

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